Our studio, Firefly Photography, offers inexpensive wedding photography services for those who are on a budget. Me and my wife Anna both manage our studio. Our studio is dog friendly, and you will often find Penny and Gerrard lying around somewhere in the studio.

At our studio, our experienced wedding photographers care a lot about your wedding pictures. We take our time to curate and edit each image to make it look perfect. Each wedding is special to us. We consider it important to find out who you are. This helps us create your story in the form of pictures as accurately as possible. Since this is your wedding, make sure your wedding photos show what you are.

If your wedding is round the corner, we suggest that you give us a call for interview. We will have a cup of coffee and discuss your photography needs in detail. This will help us understand you and your needs more.


Both my wife and I love to get out and travel more. We will be there no matter the venue you have chosen. It could be the mountains, beach or an Island of Bora Bora, for instance. Know that we will be more than happy to travel with you and capture your unforgettable moments for you.

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